CLICK v4.0 - June 2021


Updates to CLICK Cost Optimization Automation: View documentation here

  • New nightly cost optimization

  • Preview your savings before enabling

  • An updated PDF summary of Cost Optimization changes on Reports page as well as an option to email to a preferred email.

  • Detailed CSV report of all running mode changes on Reports page, available for export

  • New Cost Optimization Report Settings

  • Customize columns included in CSV report


Introducing Native CLICK management (AD-Less CLICK) For new CLICK instances with environments where AD is overly complex or prevents CLICK installation View Documentation here

  • Create “CLICK-native” Users that reflect the Users in your Active Directory environment

  • Create CLICK-native Groups that reflect (or not) your AD environment

  • Import Users en masse by CSV upload

  • Manage AD-less Group memberships from the CLICK Dashboard

  • Manage all of the AD-less environment with the CLICK API

  • Manage your fleet using the same workflows of a standard CLICK deployment


  • Added the capability to delete unused Packages

  • Fixed visual consistency in enabling and disabling cost optimization and termination protection on multiple WorkSpaces at once

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