Automated Cost Optimization Guide

CLICK's automated cost optimization features make it simple to optimize your WorkSpace fleet. Using CLICK's automation, you can reduce the cost of your fleet with just a few simple settings.

How does it work?

CLICK's automation will determine whether or not your fleet is optimized by calculating the billing and hourly usage of the WorkSpaces in your environment and using that calculation to convert your WorkSpaces running modes. There are two main ways CLICK can automate costs for your WorkSpaces, either or both can be enabled in your Cost Optimization Settings.

Monthly Cost Optimization

CLICK will run a monthly cost optimization on your environment by automatically converting WorkSpaces from ALWAYS_ON(monthly billing) to AUTO_STOP(hourly billing) before your billing cycle for WorkSpaces that are not exceeding the hourly threshold. You can realize savings for lower usage WorkSpaces by paying a lower monthly fee plus an hourly fee.

Nightly Cost Optimization

We've also introduced a nightly cost optimization feature. CLICK will determine which WorkSpaces are going to exceed the hourly usage threshold and automatically convert them from AUTO_STOP to ALWAYS_ON. This automation will occur every night in order to reduce higher costs on hourly billed WorkSpaces that are higher usage.


What is the usage threshold?

WorkSpaces configured for Always On (monthly billing) are billed at a flat rate per month.

WorkSpaces configured for Auto Stop (hourly billing) have two billing components:

  1. A low flat monthly rate.
  2. An additional per-hour charge.

The threshold is the number of hours that makes the two billing methods equal. The specific values for all of the rates vary depending on the operating system license, bundle compute type, and region in which the WorkSpace is deployed. CLICK integrates with the AWS List Pricing service to ensure all calculations use the current pricing data directly from Amazon.


Not all WorkSpaces must be included!

CLICK's automation will only act on managed WorkSpaces.

Additionally, you have the ability to exempt any WorkSpace from cost optimization, allowing you complete and customized control over your environment.

What’s Next

To see how to customize your Automated Cost Optimization Settings go here.