This getting started guide will take you, step by step, through the process of procuring and deploying CLICK.

The guide is separated into five main steps:

CLICK enables you to manage your WorkSpaces fleet at scale, but there are many aspects of creating a WorkSpaces environment that are out of scope for CLICK. It's important to make sure you have all the necessary components in place before you attempt to deploy CLICK.

To prepare for deploying CLICK, there are some prerequisite configuration tasks you need to perform. During this step, you will also gather all of the information for SAML Identity (IdP) authentication if you want to use a multifactor authentication method with CLICK. We provide a checklist document for you to record all this information.

In this step, you'll gather and configure prerequisite items for deploying CLICK with an AD Gateway integration. We recommend you download our checklist document and use it to record each of the numbered configuration items to ensure all the data is handy at deployment time.

CLICK is available through the AWS Marketplace. You will need to create a subscription before deploying CLICK in your environment.

Use your Marketplace subscription to create a new CLICK instance and configure Active Directory communication and SAML authentication. Here, you will make use of all the information you captured during Step 2 & 3