Step 2d: Manage Existing WorkSpaces

WorkSpaces that were created outside of the CLICK console or prior to the deployment of CLICK into an AWS account will not be recognized by CLICK as a managed Workspace. To manage a WorkSpace from the CLICK console that was created outside of the CLICK console, perform the following steps:

  • Select the WorkSpaces menu item.

  • Select the WorkSpace to manage. Notice the Managed column in the WorkSpaces data table should show No.

  • Click the managed toggle button to change the unmanaged WorkSpace to Managed.
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Additionally, you can switch multiple WorkSpaces to Managed in by performing a bulk action.

  • Select the WorkSpace menu item.

  • Select the checkboxes next to the WorkSpace you want to manage.

  • Click the Actions button to see the dropdown of bulk actions you can take.

  • Select Manage from the dropdown menu.