Configure E-mail Notifications

Setting up Automated E-mail Notifications

Automated E-mail notifications will be sent to your end-users with directions to access their WorkSpace. Make sure your e-mail notifications are enabled if you wish to use CLICK's Automation to deliver emails to your end-users.

  • Go to Email Delivery under Settings
  • Choose where your emails will be delivered from.

  • You can choose a delivery email of your choice, or use CLICK SES (emails will be sent from [email protected])

  • Be sure to like the check mark to save.

  • You can disable automated emails if you'd prefer to handle sending your end-users directions to access their WorkSpace internally.

  • CLICK the test button at the top to receive a test email.

Customizing Email Templates

You can customize what your end-users will receive as a welcome email, as well as other automated emails sent by CLICK.

  • Go to Email Templates under Settings.

  • Choose the email template you'd like to edit.

  • You can edit the template and change how the email will appear to your end users.

  • If you wish to change the content of the email, scroll down to the START MAIN CONTENT AREA.

  • You can change what variables will be auto-filled by CLICK, if you choose. For instance, if you'd prefer to use a different AD variable for {{ user.display_name }}.

  • You can find all the email template variables in our guide here.

  • Feel free to customize all the emails sent by CLICK to your organization's needs.