CLICK Support

We want you to have the best possible experience with CLICK, and we are committed to supporting you in that goal. This document outlines the standard level of support provided for all customers with an active CLICK subscription.

Contact Methods

SynchroNet's normal operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM US Central Time. If you need immediate support outside of normal operating hours, please call the phone number above.

Support SLAs


High Priority Issues

To ensure that high priority issues are treated promptly, especially after hours, we require all Priority-1 and Priority-2 issues to be submitted by phone. A SynchroNet Engineer will return your phone call per the 'Initial Response' targets listed below.

IMPORTANT: It is imperative when calling that a call-back number and contact name is provided, and that contact is available to receive a return phone call.

PriorityDescriptionInitial ResponseProgress Updates (via ticket)Contact
1 - CriticalCritical services or functions not operational and/or business is stopped

More than 25% of users impacted

Dedicated resources required immediately
Less than 30 minutesHourlyPhone
2 - HighCritical services or functions are degraded. Business is operational, but heavily degraded

More than 15% of users impacted and/or service scope impact is severe
Less than 1 hourHourlyPhone
3 - MediumLimited Impact issue

Less than 5% of users impacted and/or service scope impact is minimal
Less than 8 hoursWithin 3 business daysE-mail
4 - LowThe reported anomaly in the system does not substantially restrict the use of one or more features of the product to perform necessary business functionsLess than 24 hoursWithin 5 business daysE-mail


Idle Tickets

If SynchroNet has reached out to you for information or confirmation on a ticket, but we have not heard back from you, the ticket will automatically be closed after 6 days of inactivity. Don't worry! You can always reach out again if you need to re-open a previous issue.


Critical Incident policy

If a Critical Incident (or equivalent as defined by a customer) is called and CLICK has been eliminated as a contributing factor, SynchroNet Engineers will depart ongoing troubleshooting calls, but will be available via the phone number noted above should re-engagement be necessary.


AWS Service Outage policy

CLICK is a SaaS-based solution that is 100% reliant on multiple AWS services. If there is degradation in any dependent services as noted on AWS' Service Health Dashboard (, CLICK could be impacted. SynchroNet will post updates to service status to

Customers are encouraged to subscribe to service alerts via the service status page so updates are delivered via email.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

SynchroNet will provide a draft RCA as it relates to SynchroNet CLICK within 72 business hours of any Priority-1 or Priority-2 incident, and a final revision of the RCA within 1 business week. RCAs will not be provided for Priority-3 or Priority-4 incidents.