What is CLICK Self-Service?

How is CLICK managed?

CLICK is manged through the customer's CLICK portal which is accessed via an internet browser. Typically, administrators manage the portal configurations however even end-users can be given access to manage their individual WorkSpaces on their own. Self-service options range from a something as simple as a reboot to rebuilding their WorkSpace with the simple click of a button.

What is CLICK Self-Service?

CLICK self-service is a feature that allows the end-user to adjust their own CLICK profile. It can include options such as:

  • Starting a WorkSpace
  • Stopping a WorkSpace
  • Performing a reboot of the WorkSpace
  • Performing a rebuild of the WorkSpace
  • Managing the WorkSpace
  • Sending an invite to a WorkSpace


These options are all set by the companies administrator for their individual CLICK environment .

Where can I find information about my WorkSpace in CLICK?

The self-service portal can show specifics about an individual's WorkSpace, such as:

  • WorkSpace ID
  • Account ID
  • Region
  • Status
  • Registration Code
  • Compute Type
  • Running Mode