Configure Additional User Roles

User Roles in CLICK

You can create custom user roles within CLICK which allow particular access to help you enable your service team. Out of the box CLICK comes with 5 roles seen on the User Roles page under Settings.

  • Admin: All read and write access in CLICK

-Self: Only self-service, start, stop, reboot abilities

-Self_Rebuild: self-service reboot and rebuild abilities

-Operations: Self-service options and some additional read access

  • You can CLICK through each role to see what level of access each role has.

Creating additional User Roles in CLICK

  • To create a new user role, click the Create button on the User Roles settings page.
  • Name the role and click save.

  • Check the read and write boxes for the access you want this role to have.

  • Click the Save Permissions button to save the user role permissions.

  • Now you can associate your AD group to the user role in CLICK to customize read and write access.