Step 2c: Configure Application Mappings


What an Application Mapping is NOT

  • Does not detect what apps are installed on your image
  • Does not deploy apps to your WorkSpaces
  • Does not operationally impact WorkSpaces in any way
  • Exists only within CLICK to help CLICK select a Bundle for a given Package

What do you do?

  1. Understand how you need to segregate your WorkSpaces Bundles/Images

  2. Create an Application Mapping

  3. Assign your Application Mapping to a Bundle

This tells CLICK, that the Bundle "has" this software or setting or attribute

  1. Assign your Application Mapping to a Package

This tells CLICK that WorkSpaces created from this Package must use a Bundle which "has" this software or setting or attribute


Cross-account/Cross-region - CLICK needs to be able to "think" about WorkSpace specs before it knows what Directory (and thus Account/Region) a WorkSpace will go into. The Package provides this abstraction, and the Application Mapping helps CLICK decide what Bundle to use once it does know what Account/Region/Directory the WorkSpace is going to.


If you will be deploying Workspaces from multiple Bundles into a single Directory, or if you are deploying WorkSpaces for similar user segments across multiple Accounts and/or Regions, then APPLICATION MAPPINGS ARE FOR YOU.

When might you not need Application Mappings?

  • If your user segments are isolated to a single Account/Region
  • If you are using a software deployment tool (e.g. SCCM) to install applications, and all WorkSpaces come from the same Bundle.
  • If each Directory will only contain WorkSpaces created from the same bundle.

If one or more of the above is true, you can simply set the default Bundle on the Directory in CLICK.

What if I have a simple deployment in a single account and region, with one Directory, and just a handful of bundles.

You're going to want to create a 1:1:1 mapping - One Package, one Application Mapping per bundle, linked together. Basically, in this scenario, there is never a difference between Package and Bundle, and you can use the Application Mappings to enforce this.