Finding an Active Directory Group's GUID

You can find the objectGUID value for an Active Directory group using the Attribute Editor in the Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) console snapin.

1. Ensure Advanced Functionality is Enabled

The Attribute Editor is part of ADUC's advanced functionality. You can see it is enabled by going to the view menu and looking for a check mark next to the Advanced Features item.


2. Find the objectGUID

Open the properties dialog of the Active Directory group whose objectGUID you need to find, and navigate to the Attribute Editor tab. In this list, in alphabetical order, you can find the objectGUID value for the group.


3. Copy the objectGUID to the Clipboard

Unfortunately, the Attribute Editor doesn't provide a way to copy the objectGUID value. To capture the objectGUID, you'll need to perform a few extra steps.

  1. Find the group's Distinguished Name in the Attribute Editor.
  1. Double click on the entry to bring up the String Attribute Editor window, then copy the entire string.
  1. Run the following PowerShell code snippet, replacing __value__ with the Distinguished Name you just copied.
Get-ADObject -Identity "__value__" | Select-Object -Property ObjectGUID

You can now easily copy the objectGUID from the output of the PowerShell code above.