SynchroNet CLICK Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SynchroNet provides a 99.9% monthly uptime commitment for customers on the Enterprise plan and above.

SLA Calculation

Uptime is the percentage of the total minutes SynchroNet CLICK was available during a given calendar month.

Uptime Percentage =	[(Total Minutes – Downtime Minutes) / Total Minutes] * 100


Downtime is the overall number of minutes that SynchroNet CLICK was unavailable during a given month.

Downtime Minutes excludes the following:
• Scheduled Downtime: from time to time, we perform maintenance and upgrades that require us to take the system temporarily out of service. If scheduled downtime is necessary, we’ll give you at least 48 hours advance notice.
• Slowness or performance issues
• Issues beyond our reasonable control, including any force majeure event or Internet access beyond the demarcation point of the SynchroNet CLICK environment.
• Issues arising from third party systems, software, or other technology.
Customer responsibilities
• The client will use SynchroNet CLICK system as intended and documented.
• Notify the client of issues or problems in a timely manner.
• Provide SynchroNet with access to equipment, software and services for the purposes of
maintenance, updates and fault prevention.
• Maintain good communication with Vendor at all times.